“The Probate”

Book One in the Regents MC Series

Large Trade Paperback, (6″ X 9″)

340 Pages


Flash Back to 1970:

From New Orleans to Jacksonville to Atlanta, a menagerie of bikers, hippies, rednecks and Cajuns do business together when they’re not trying to eliminate the competition.

Enter adrenalin junkie Joe Wilson, a stock car driver very adept at outrunning the horrific war memories that pursue him.

When bikers set up shop in his hometown, he pays them a visit to make sure they don’t pose a threat to his close-knit, working-class neighborhood. Instead, he discovers he has much in common with the volatile men. Fresh from Vietnam with specialized skills and demons of their own, they live by a harsh code, protecting their reputation, patch and brotherhood at all costs.

As an expendable probate, he has to prove he’s worthy to ride with the Regents Motorcycle Club. Trouble follows Joe wherever he goes, and even among the hardcore bikers, he quickly establishes a reputation as “hard to kill.


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“New Orleans Revenge”

Book Two in the Regents MC Series Large Trade PaperBack (6″ X 9″) 421 Pages $16.99

Do Old Friends Make the Deadliest Enemies?

It’s the end of summer, 1971, and Regents MC probate Joe Wilson can’t seem to avoid trouble, particularly with his own sponsor, Jess Whitley, a former Vietnam combat medic dogged by the ghosts of the men he couldn’t save. Jess’s green-eyed girlfriend Kitty doesn’t make things easier for them, either, as she connives desperately to keep Joe from quitting and returning to his redneck roots.

As the conflict heats up in Atlanta, a different kind of disaster is brewing in south Louisiana. Once combat buddies of the Regents, the treacherous Bayou Runners are driven by their ambitious boss to commit the ultimate sacrilege against a respected Regent. Enraged, the Regents descend on New Orleans, hell-bent on revenge.

Hot-tempered Joe accidentally places his own Fate in the hands of a beautiful double-dealing redhead with a magician’s talent for vanishing into thin air. As an expendable probate, he quickly discovers his survival depends on not trusting anyone, including the Regents.

When the biker war escalates through the ancient city streets and down dusty swamp roads, the local underworld of gamblers, whorehouse madams, and tattoo artists are forced to choose sides, knowing there’s no going back for anyone.


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 “One Percenter’s Stand”

Book Three in the Regents MC Series

Large Trade PaperBack (6″ X 9″)

380 Pages – $16.99

When The Enemy Strikes, A True One-Percenter Will Take A Stand, Even If He Has To Stand Alone

What happens when bikers, rednecks, hippies and redheads collide? Joe Wilson is bound to be in the middle of it all.

When two old enemies clash too close to home, his new patch demands that he make another hard choice: follow his own sixth sense to rescue an innocent woman from a monster’s path, or repay a one-percenter’s debt of honor that goes against all he believes in. Either way, his self-respect is on the line.

Joe has to rely on his gut instinct, military training and unforgiving temper to take a stand, alone, one last time.


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